Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ted's Doppelganger

Ted Leonsis was scheduled to meet fans in the lower concourse of Verizon Center during Sunday's final home game. Only there were two Teds; one was in his red Caps jersey, shaking hands and thanking people for their support; the other was in the lower bowl watching warmups and taking photographs.

Meet bizarro Ted Leonsis.

As I was waiting in line to enter Verizon Center with my brother, cousin and girlfriend, my girlfriend tugged at my jersey and said, "Reed, look it's a guy dressed like TED!"

My journalistic instincts and nosy-blogger skills jumped into action as I yelled across three lines of ticket traffic for a brief photo op with Mr. Leonsis.

I imagine this is what Ted looked like in his wild, youthful, party days at Georgetown when he attended Caps games as a fan.

Capitals Outsider has more on this fan.

The man, whom Capitals Outsider identifies as "Matt Gorsuch," was named the Clyde's Fan of the Game just a minute into the game.

As the audience laughed and cheered, the camera panned to the REAL Ted Leonsis, laughing and blushing as he tried to comprehend why anyone would dress as him.

Welcome to OUR hockey town, where the fans love the owner enough to dress as him.

I give this fan a resounding pass, and wonder: when will someone dress up as Boudreau?


  1. Best story ever. Is that blush on his cheeks or is dude just red-faced?

  2. No blush. It was just that hot under the wig.


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