Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dog vs. ESPN Analysts -- The Picks Are In!

Is this the year that a dog outsmarts the ESPN analysts?

Alright, you've seen the dog video; now see the analysts' picks!

Here's an easy-to-read chart to help you keep track of Rodney's progress against the analysts.

Rodney is going against the grain, choosing the Blues when everyone chose the Canucks. Blues fans should be so honored. Barry Melrose and Rodney could be big winners if the Ducks pull through with a first-round upset, and Buccigross and Rodney are both feeling kinda Devil-ish.

Rodney took the company line with the Capitals, Bruins, Red Wings and Blackhawks, but if you want to win these bracket things, you've gotta choose the upsets.

Pretty strong bracket for a dog, if I may say so myself.

Here's the video for those who are just joining us for this feature.

1 comment:

  1. Screw Maggie the Monkey. She picked the Rangers. For now on, all I care about is RODNEY THE F****** DOG.


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