Friday, April 10, 2009

Cold Pizza: Panther Tears Not Endangered

Our pal Whale4Ever is mourning the death of the Panthers' 08-09 season. [Litter Box Cats]

The Old NHL's weather forecast of Bemidji State sucking came through. Let's hope they put some money on it and will spend the weekend enjoying the spoils. [Puck Daddy]

Tic Tac Toe hockey has some great photos you should check out. [Tic Tac Toe Hockey]

Rut roh! Hit the panic button, the seventh seed in a playoff series usually wins 50% of the time! [Illegal Curve]

Matt opens the Jeff Schultz can of worms. Godspeed brave soul. [The Hockey Writers]

Leave it to On Frozen Blog to find a story that exposes ESPN for the hockey haters they are. Good work. [OFB]

Celine Dion is among potential bidders to buy the Montreal Canadiens franchise. I smell comedy gold! [Yahoo!]


  1. Uh oh....Panther Promise! Can't say we didn't see this one coming:

  2. Wow. Why hasn't anyone at ESPN realized how great of a sport hockey is? It is the kind of sport that works so well. If someone watches just a little (making them a temporary fair-weathered fan), they can't help but watch more! This game is so great. I mean, I started PLAYING hockey less than a year after I started following the NHL. And I have a great time. All ESPN has to do is run hockey for a larger portion of SportsCenter (no stupid fights, I mean the finesse skating, big hits, great goals, and great saves). Then, in only a short bit of time, the people wired only to espn will become hockey fans. And guess what. that means if ESPN puts more focus on hockey, they will have a great audience to work with. It is all about breaking the ice (it is the best expression for this situation, not a corny joke). Once sports fans realize that fighting is not equal to hockey, and that hockey is a great sport, they will love it. I mean, I saw my sister get a huge change of view quickly. My family went to the Capitals-Lightning game on 1/1/09. She LOVED it. What a great sport. She never followed hockey before. I have so many friends who have become true hockey fans in the past year. They went from "Who really cares about hockey" fans to complete, true, hardcore hockey fans in just a few weeks. So try and get as many people as you can to go with you to capitals games (the caps are great because they've got the most exciting brand of hockey). Be open to answer their questions about the rules. They will probably have only about 5 anyways. Once you understand power plays, offside, icing, and goals, the game explains the rules by itself.

    Молодец, Jack Edwards.
    Молодец, OFB!!!!!

    P.s. If anyone at espn needs proof that hockey needs more coverage, throw a ton of Washington Post Sports Sections from this past season at them. Make them see those huge color photos of the capitals. Make them see those capitals mini-stories that start at the TOP FRONT of the section on days that don't follow game nights.

    Make them see today's section (Friday, April 10, 2009): College hockey at the top.

    Seriously. the capitals consistently get the main story of the sports section after game nights, and it usually continues to the back page (color=probably considered higher priority).

  3. I wouldn't mind the NHL on Versus if they just played more games than just on Monday and Tuesday. It's kinda ridiculous that they run WEC and Bullriding repeats when there are perfectly good games on to show.


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