Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Thrashers

SE Champs, Second in EC

Fourth in SE, 13th in EC

How important could a game against the THRASHERS really be? Well considering New Jersey beat Buffalo, let's just say it's of the must-win variety. The Caps are currently tied with the Devils with 102 points, but they have the all-important game in hand.

Okay, but the Thrashers are a bottom-dwelling team currently scouting out the top five picks of this year's draft, they can't be that good right? Uh no. Don't let the Thrashers' sub .500 record fool you; they recently embarrassed the Caps in a 5-1 blowout and have held Ovie to only three goals this season, and they're entering this afternoon's game with a four-game win streak.

The teams they've beaten? Oh just the Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers, Ottawa Senators and Florida Panthers -- basically, middle-of-the-pack teams and playoff bubble teams. Think the next two games are going to come easy for the Capitals? Uh, think again.

But the Thrashers are a team that the Capitals should have no problem with. It's just that for some reason or another the Capitals can solve the Thrashers one day, and show up looking like a D student the next. We've been harping on the Caps' focus for a few posts now, but the key to the game remains the same: focus, focus, and focus.

While the fans' eyes may be on Ovechkin as he continues his quest for 60 on Sunday, keep a close eye on Bruce Boudreau and the changes he makes between periods. Boudreau needs to convince the Capitals that this is a playoff game, and his team needs to play like it's June.

The motivation should be in place as the Capitals must battle the Devils for second place, but we don't need to remind you of how lackluster the Caps have been against weak foes.


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  1. Very good point about Boudreau needing to get these guys to buy-in to these last few games. They need to take this game seriously - not just for the points race but also for some much-needed playoff momentum.

    LETS GO!!


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