Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Alex Semin" and "Jeff Schultz" want to be your Twitter Buds

Twitter is kind of a big deal. Millions log on each day to update what they are doing, as if anyone really cared -- hell, we even do it.

It's frequently crashing because it's "receiving too many tweets," which translates to "we're jury-rigging our servers with duct tape, a pipe cleaner and a Band-Aid," and it is quickly becoming the new Facebook for online stalkers.

It's also been a good place to find some great humor in under 140 characters.

A few days ago, the infamous Brian Burke, GM of the Toronto Maple Leafs, was displeased about a fake Twitter account in his name. The account "Brian Burke" frequently posted funny one-liners about his team's success and struggles. It was a huge hit, with 1,526 followers still hanging on despite the joke's death.

So without the king of NHL Twitter jokes around anymore, where can you find your daily joke-Twitter fix?

Look no farther than the Washington Capitals Twitter stars, Alexander Semin, Jose Theodore, Karl Alzner, and Jeff Schultz.

Some classic Tweets from these accounts?

From "Jose Theodore"

What will they call the St. Pete Times forum when the newspapers go under? Twitter should start sponsoring!Varlamov is back? Don't we have enough Russians?

already looking past carolina hurri-lames. back2back games vs ATL & FLA, which team should i play against

From "Alex Semin"

@kingkarl27 Aucoin put one in tonight. That can only lead to one thing — a demotion to Hershey, right?

@josetheodore I'm just saying it was selfish for you to stay in net when we had only a 5-on-1 chance. Pitch in every once in a while, Theo!

Playing bongos for Washington symphony's Nutcracker performance. Sid's also in it -- he's learning his role with Boris Valabik.

From "Karl Alzner"

@jeffschultz55 I wasn't hoping you'd hurt yourself in that.... uh... at all. Really

Aw, man. I have to work on this costing too much thing or I'll never get back to DC

Bruce, I say you give Erskine that chance at forward and bring me back. I could use a new suit.

and finally from "Jeff Schultz"

For the record, I was not being a punching bag. Just didn't want to reinjure my hand (sorry @kingkarl27, being selfish)

Only one game in ten days for me. Skating lots. Working on my scratch spin and double Salchow, Nylander is gonna be so impressed.

Caps signed a new defenseman. Uh oh for stupid penalty takers.


  1. I love how they interact with one another, do you think it's the same person or multiples?

  2. I think it's the same guy. But who knows, it's still pretty funny.


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