Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Islanders

first in SE, second in EC
last in ATL, last in EC

At least we know that the Capitals have their eyes on the prize and aren't going to lackadaisically drag themselves through this game. We hope.

Boudreau's comments about watching the Devils game with interest shows that the team values the second slot, values home advantage, and values finishing strong. Given the Capitals' remaining schedule against the NHL's meek, there's no reason the Caps shouldn't put together a lengthy win streak to close out the 08-09 season.

For the Islanders, a win would hurt them more than a loss. Now before you say "Gee CK, that's a really stupid thing to say," remember that it's lottery time and each Islanders win brings them closer to playing themselves out of the first overall pick. With a talent such as John Tavares likely to go first, Islanders fans are likely to be happier with the first overall than a late season win over the Capitals.

But let's not fool ourselves (resisting urge for lame joke) on this day of fooling (sorry). Bottom-feeding teams live for one thing at the end of the season and that's being the party crasher. When the fans have little to cheer for, they often opt to cheer for being the demise of another team.

While the Islanders won't be putting the Caps playoff hopes in any doubt, they can put a stick in the spokes of the Caps' Southeast Division Championship run, at least for a game. As we reported earlier, the magic number is three, and with a Caps win tonight and a Canes loss Thursday, Friday night the Caps will be celebrating another division conquest.

The key to tonight's game will be focus, not just because the Capitals should easily walk over this Islanders club, but because a momentry lapse of focus could turn an easy win into a disappointing loss.

I think we've seen enough of that this season.

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  1. a pre-cap that didn't need 3000000 words to get a point across. Nice


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