Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cold Pizza - KHL, Tanking and Clutterbuck

Cold Pizza: Your morning, evening and everywhere in between links that are just as good cold as they are hot.

The KHL Playoffs are in full swing, and Simeon Varlamov's former club Lokomotiv is tied 1-1 with the Ak Bars. [The Program]

The Coyotes think the Avalanche are tanking. A few snow blower incidents in April and they'd have a case. [NHL Fanhouse]

Our buddy Matt of Simply Sensational is writing for a new blog "The Hockey Writers." Check out his piece on Keith Aucoin. [The Hockey Writers]

Cal Clutterbuck. Funny name. Not so funny when he's on the scoresheet. Caps learned this the hard way. Here's a great interview with the 'Buck from PD. [Puck Daddy]

Best and Worst Boston Bruin names ever. [Here Come the Bruins]

And finally, your non-hockey-related link, but totally worth seeing. The Pittsburgh Pirates lost to a community college whose mascot is a Manatee. FAIL. [Deadspin]

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