Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hard Rocking the Red

h/t to Eric McErlain

It seems that the rock band persona that the Capitals embody for their pre-game videos has inspired actual rock bands to don the team colors on stage.

Meet Misery Index, a group of scruffy hard-rockers who love the Caps as much as we do.

Check out the article here.

"But the metal band doing the most day-to-day grunt work to support the Caps is the Baltimore-Silver Spring four-piece Misery Index. Guitarist Sparky Voyles can usually be found sporting one of his many Caps or Hershey Bears jerseys on stage — often tailoring what he wears to provoke the crowd if he's in a rival town, or to pay compliments to a current Caps player who made time in other cities (i.e., he dons Donald Brasher gear in Philly, Montreal and Vancouver).

Like Misery Index bassist-vocalist Jason Netherton, Voyle has been going to games since the early 1980s, living and dying with every Capitals playoff heartbreaker."

"Ovie and the Caps" might be able to get a party started, but these guys look like they'll kick your teeth in and then wail out a slick guitar solo if you so much as look cock-eyed at their Caps jerseys.

For some reason I keep getting the image of the Guitar Hero commercial where Coach K and their others slide out in the underwear, only to be told by Metallica that in order to rock out pants must be worn (The Red Hot Chili Peppers disagree).

I just imagine the Caps sliding out holding their little guitars and then Misery Index looking at them and face palming. Yeah the boys could use some serious help in the "rocking out" department.

Perhaps Misery Index could provide some tips.

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  1. I'm pretty sure that Sparky was at a recent Bears game.


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