Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Sabres

47-23-7 - First in SE - Second in EC


37-30-9 - Third in NE - 10th in EC

Here's the deal: If the Capitals win, they're Southeast Division Champs for back-to-back years. If they lose, it's a disappointing loss that will hopefully be amended with a win and SE Division clinch on Sunday.

Tuesday night's game against the Islanders started with a gigantic stumble. We mentioned that focus would be key, and for 35 minutes the Capitals lacked any sort of focus. At the end of the first period, if you had taken the names away from the stats, you might have mistaken the Islanders for a playoff team.

But focusing on tonight's game, Buffalo is still, technically, a playoff team -- barely.

The Buffalo Sabres are on death-watch, and a loss to the Capitals would put them out of reach barring that Florida, New York and Montreal don't break down in the last week. But just because they are close to making tee times doesn't necessarily mean they won't show up. As far as the Sabres players are concerned, there's a slim chance they could see the postseason, and they'll want to try to take it.

Mike Green is coming off his record-setting night and, believe it or not, he can set yet another record if he scores in tonight's game. A power-play goal by Green ties him for the most power play goals scored by a defender in a single season. NOR-RIS, NOR-RIS should be echoing through the ceiling of the Verizon Center should Green put a PPG in. Consider him our "one to watch."

The Capitals also need to come out strong against the Sabres, a team that they've had one of their worst and best performances against. The first meeting between the two clubs? A 5-0 shutout for the Sabres. After that? Two wins, 3-2 and 4-2 respectively.

If the Capitals can keep the focus that they left Tuesday's game with and continue to punish opponents with their second ranked power play, which sits just .3% below Detroit's, we can all look forward raising one (of many, we hope) banner for the 2008-2009 season.

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  1. I think the Caps can clinch by losing, too -- provided they lose in overtime. One point for an OT loss would put the division out of reach for the Canes.

  2. @TCF

    Boudreau would not be pleased with your "we can lose" attitude...


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