Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Panthers

Second Seed (EC) in NHL Playoffs


NHL Dead Zone: Just outside playoffs, too far from a top pick

It's got to be tough for both teams to get up for this game, especially for the Caps since it's on the road. The playoffs are just days away and the best you can hope for is that everyone makes it off the ice alive and in good health.

The Caps will probably use this game to experiment with some line combos, see who's gelling with who, and get a feel for where they are as they enter the postseason. Alex Ovechkin may try to make a run at Evgeni Malkin for the Art Ross trophy, but don't hold your breath. The best the Capitals can hope for is a win and more secondary scoring that will keep guys like Flash and Laich hot for the postseason.

For the Panthers, it's the finale of a season that woulda, coulda and shoulda been. After making the "Panther Promise," the Florida fans can at least be happy to know they get to attend four games for free next year. What a crappy consolation prize.

Panthers fans may also be seeing the last day of Jacques Martin's (former coach and current GM) career with the Cats. It was rumored that if the Panthers did not make the postseason this year, he'd be cut loose.

Another farewell Panthers fans will likely be bidding is to Jay Bouwmeester. The highly touted defender will be a free agent at the end of this season and is not likely to resign with the Panthers. Many wonder if the Panthers' plan to hold on to him in hopes of making the playoffs was a mistake as they will likely dish him in a trade at the NHL draft.

This game could have been so much more than a farewell for the fans. The Panthers were eliminated when the Canadiens earned one point in an OTL, nullifying any chance for the postseason. What could have been a game that might have started the first true Southeast Division rivalry is now just another boring tilt between un-evenly matched teams.

Let's just get the two points, get everyone off the ice in good health, and get focused on the goal: The Stanley Cup.

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To everyone out there who has been reading CK since our very first pre-Cap, thank you for your time this season. 82 pre-Caps, wow.

It's been an absolute blast to blog for you and I am looking forward to blogging the playoffs, summer and the following seasons. Thank you so much for your support, comments, e-mails, links (you guys know who you are) and subscriptions.

Once again, thanks for everything, and for the last time of the regular season . . .



  1. 1. Japers
    2. Peerless
    3. Capitals Kremlin

    That's my favorite Caps blogs this year. CK, you're a welcome and entertaining addition to the net.

  2. Thanks Chris, I just hope everyone enjoyed my writing for them this season

  3. Here we come Rangers, be on the lookout for a can of whoop-ass. Also known as Brashear.


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