Monday, April 13, 2009

Eric Fehr: Grimace of a Champion

("...of a Champion" is a feature focusing on Capitals who are key cogs to a playoff run, but not point leaders)

He may not be the Caps' most prolific scorer, he may not have the playmaking abilities of those above him on the depth chart, but Eric Fehr is the type of player who can decide a series on one hard-hustling shift.

When the Caps win, Fehr is usually in a victory photo, grimacing. It's just photographic evidence of how hard he battles. Consider this: The Caps are 39-16-6 when Eric Fehr is in the lineup, the Caps are 11-8-2 when Fehr is absent from the lineup.

Here's another photo of Eric Fehr grimacing.

This time, he's grimacing as he drives the net. Most photos of Alex Ovechkin and Alex Semin driving the net feature them with their tongues out, eyes wide open and a dead-eyed stare at the corner they're about to pick. Eric Fehr's grimace is that of someone who literally has to work to get a goal, and when Fehr scores the Caps win. The Caps are 10-1-1 this season when Eric Fehr scores, and 16-3-1 when he records a point.

Here's a rare picture of Jeff Schultz clearing someone while Eric Fehr grimaces and chases the puck. Fehr is tied with Alex Ovechkin at plus 8 on the season, although he only averages 11 minutes of ice team a game. But keep this in mind: His season-high ice time (15:51) was recorded in the Dec. 23 comeback victory over the Rangers, a game that Fehr scored a goal in.

Here's to you, Eric Fehr; may your grimace lead us to victory in the first round and beyond.


  1. This would make a great real men of genius segment.

  2. Not as bad as Scheyer Face is it? lol


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