Monday, April 13, 2009

Dog vs. Analysts: Rodney Picks First Round of NHL Playoffs

We've all said it or heard it:

"A dog is smarter than that guy! His picks are stupid!"

With the Stanley Cup playoffs come analysts whose picks don't always go over well with the fans. Be it Mike Milbury, Scott Burnside, Pierre LeBrun or homer newspaper sports columnists, analysts make picks that sometimes make us scratch our heads and let out a collective "Huh?"

Let's face it, being a hockey commentator is like being a weatherman, but with even less accountability. No offense, but it's time to put the age-old phrase to the test.

That's where my dog comes in. Rodney is a 2-year-old, 20-pound Pomeranian. He's a great dog (he watches televised games with me), so when it came time to make first-round picks for the NHL playoffs I could think of no better candidate to put the "pros" in their place.

Here's how it worked: I took a Milkbone, split it in half and placed the halves on pieces of paper labeled with the teams in question. Rodney was removed from the room while I set up the matchup. When all was ready, he was brought in. The first treat he put in his mouth is "the winner."

Without further delay, Rodney the Pomeranian vs. the Hockey Analysts. (Run time 2:14)

We'll be keeping track of how Rodney does in the first round, and when the second round is set we'll have his picks up as well.

Want to challenge Rodney?

Check out our friends at The Pensblog! They've set up an incredible "Rinkotology" application to benefit the Mario Lemieux Foundation. It's free to play, and they're raised over $7,000 for cancer research.

Also, you can play round-by-round at

Got an animal that you think can best Rodney? Send us the video/photos and we'll post it up here on CK. Email us at

Here's one challenger, Daisy the Pug.

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  1. Knowing Rodney as I do, I'm not at all surprised that he usually ate BOTH treats. Is your dog sick tonight, CK? And maybe you should tell the world what you told me: that Rodney absolutely REFUSED to pick the Pens OR the Flyers for several takes. Now that's a Caps dog!


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