Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cold Pizza: Last Home Game of the Season Edition

Some links for your morning, evening, and everywhere in between.

One last time to salute the Caps at home before they head off to the postseason, Caps Chick brings it home [A View from the Cheap Seats]

Did the refs blow a vital call in the Caps-Sabres game Friday? [On Frozen Blog]

Alex Ovechkin playing basketball. Enough said. [Alex Ovetjkin]

The new Sean Avery is dead. He's no longer agitating by being a good Samaritan; now he's back to his usual antics, this time hitting Tim Thomas with his stick. Long live old Sean Avery! [Puck Daddy]

The NHL has extended its deal with Versus until the 2011 season. Great, can't wait to see more games blacked out or sandwiched between WEC Wreckage repeats and Sports Soup....[Illegal Curve]

This season's NHL is higher scoring than last season's. Happy Bettman? Can we please stop adding new rules now? [From the Rink]

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