Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pre-cap: Capitals vs. Lightning

Seen Stamkos?

Tampa Bay fans sure haven't; that's why I made this milk carton for him. Hopefully we can find him before Florida authorities call for an Amber Alert.

Tampa Bay's first round, first overall pick in the 2008 draft had his own Web site created by the Lightning, had his own dance squad (scroll down a few pics) and was hyped by fans as a "hint of Ovechkin and Crosby" before he was even drafted.

Through 36 games, Stamkos has four goals, 10 assists and is a -10.

The Capitals will be looking to introduce Stamkos to Karl Alzner, Washington's fifth overall pick in the 2007 draft.

Shed your hangovers, rock the red and brace yourself for a whole new year of Capitals hockey!

Washington Capitals (23-11-3, first in SE, 2nd in EC, last game 4-2 win over Buffalo)
Tampa Bay Lightning (10-16-10, fourth in SE, 13th in EC, last game 2-1 SO loss to Montreal)

The story so far...
Call Bruce Boudreau the "exorcist." The Capitals overcame HSBC Arena and defeated the Buffalo Sabres in convincing fashion. Theodore had another solid night, and Brooks Laich led the scoring charge. Tampa Bay comes to Washington hoping 2009 starts off better than 2008 did. The Capitals will need to stay focused against a slumping team that sports some dangerous offensive threats.

What is Tampa doing wrong?
The Lightning are 15th in the NHL for goals allowed per game, 2.86, while the Capitals are 18th with 2.87 allowed per game. The Lightning offense averages 2.31 goals a game, which has forced the team into nine shootouts this season, of which they have only won two. When your team has players such as Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier, it's unacceptable if you can only muster two goals a game.

First of many (we hope)
So far this season, Chris Bourque, Alexandre Giroux, Tyler Sloan and Karl Alzner have netted their first NHL goal. Seven of the 11 Hershey call-ups have not netted an NHL goal this season.

Our general manager can beat up your coach
Back in George McPhee's glory days, he used to drop the gloves quite a bit. Here's McPhee getting into a tussle with current Lightning coach Rick Tocchet.

The Seen Stamkos Dancers
As I mentioned in the intro, here are the Seen Stamkos dancers in action.



  1. alzner was drafted in 2007 we drafted Gustuffson and Carlson in 2008 1st rd.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, my bad!

  3. I feel sorry for Stamkos. It's no good to have your development dictated by marketing campaigns rather than on ice performance.

  4. Well DMG in his defense, I feel that he's in a terrible situation. He had to endure Barry Melrose and now Tocchet (who may be good for him) and his owner is expecting too much out of him. He's only 18 and he's playing guys who are three times his size. It's a tough road for the kid and the Tampa Management isn't making it any easier. Melrose was right, he should be in the AHL though.


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