Friday, January 30, 2009

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Red Wings

Washington Capitals (30-15-4, first in SE, third in EC, last game 3-2 OT loss to Boston)
vs. Detroit Red Wings (31-10-7, first in CEN, second in WC, last game 4-2 loss to Dallas)

Just what the Capitals need to break out of this mini-slump, a date with the defending Stanley Cup champions. Oh, did I mention that this is an afternoon game, too? Well, at least they are playing in Detroit, where the ice will be goo...what? They are in D.C., and they play the following day in the afternoon again?


Joking aside though, this game marks the start of a "Bataan Death March" of hockey for the Capitals. Five games in eight days, including a game against the surging Devils and a pair of back-to-backs this weekend.

I wonder if this will ever be at Verizon Center

Of course not everyone agrees with Octopi throwing...

Editor's note: I apologize for the length of the pre-Cap. I've had some computer issues and wanted to put a few items up before my computer locked up again.


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