Monday, January 19, 2009

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Senators

The Caps are a mixed bag when it comes to back-to-back games. Sometimes they sweep both, like they did in December against the Sens and Habs, and sometimes they drop one and win the other, such as the Oilers loss and Penguins win.

The Caps carry a win into this game but, keep in mind, the overtime win versus the Islanders could easily have been a regulation loss, and not because the Isles were the better team. The Capitals almost beat the Capitals yesterday with lazy play and a general lack of interest until the game was suddenly tied.

Ottawa isn't a stellar team this season, but that doesn't mean they should looked past. The Sens do sport some superstar talent in Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza, and Daniel Alfredsson. In fact, that's their first line so you can surmise who the Capitals will need to shut down for success in Ottawa.

Washington Capitals (30-14-3, first in SE, second in EC, last game 2-1 OT win over NYI)
Ottawa Senators (15-21-7, fifth in NE, 13th in EC, last game 5-4 OT loss to Montreal)

A thorn in the Sens' side
Alex Ovechkin is probably one of the Senators' least favorite players. He torched the Sens for four goals in one game last year and in his career has 12 goals in 14 games. In his last game against Ottawa, he netted two goals. Think he'll want to pad that goal-scoring lead?

Breaking even
The Capitals, 11-11-2 on the road, can achieve mediocrity on the road with a win.

In case you missed it
Alex Ovechkin now leads the NHL in goals with 31. Tonight's game against the Senators will be the first game this season where Ovie does not share the lead with any player.

We should do this
The Senators held their team skills challenge recently; read about it here. Wouldn't it be great if the Caps did something like this?

Senators Cribs with Dany Heatley

Dany Heatley...sings...on the ice...
I love when players get mic'd up, and this video of Dany Heatley is easily one of the best if only for his rendition of the Killers' "Mr. Brightside."



  1. It's so frustrating to watch when team with such skilled players like Capitals play like they wouldn't care when facing "weaker" teams. If they lost or were near to lose because they really can't do better, fine, but since that's not the case,it's just bloody irritating. Caps aren't the only ones though.

    I may mishear it but if he said sauna and cold water after that, he's doing it wrong...

  2. I remember when the Caps DID hold team "skills challenges". They were a blast to watch and I wish they would go back and do them again.

    I remember one when they mixed in some well known people who weren't players for the Caps and one year, quite embarrassingly, then-Redskin's kicker Chip Lohmiller actually won the hardest shot competition. (Al Iafrate was injured and couldn't compete)

  3. Heatley singing a song by the Killers?


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