Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Washington D.C.: Jersey Foul Capital of the World?

The Jersey Foul as defined by Websters...

Jersey Foul - (jûr'ze - foul) Wearing the name of a player/person on a sweater he never wore, putting fictional characters on a jersey, or misspellings or numerical errors.

First up, we have the Brett Leonhardt jersey. The Capitals Web editor suited up for one game but never saw any ice time. Talk about "stretching" your 15 minutes of fame. Oh man, that was bad. For the record, this is not the only Leonhardt sweater out there. During the Christmas break, I counted five of them at Verizon Center.

Next, we have a group of jerseys courtesy of Puck Daddy and the DC Sports Bog. A Palin jersey and an Ovechkin sweater on the 70s Caps uniform? Ugh. A Crosby Sucks jersey; what, are we in high school? Well, since we already have a Palin jersey, it's not like some idiot is going to go and do an Obama jersey too...

*facepalm* I don't what's worse, this jersey or the millions of trinkets with Obama's face on them that the street vendors in D.C. are selling.

"Superbad" was a funny movie, but I'm not sure if I should be laughing or lumping this next to the Obama jersey.
Despite all of the Jersey Fouls we've explored today, at least we know how to spell our players' names right. The Pittsburgh Public School system failed this guy.

Assists to PuckDaddy, EmptyNetters and DC Sports Bog.


  1. "A Crosby Sucks jersey, what are we in high-school?"

    Tell that to almost twenty thousand screaming fans in Philly last night!

  2. So does this mean that our very own superfan "Goat" is committing a jersey foul?

  3. @Black Dog - Possibly, but I think the Caps Nation would led that one slide.


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