Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Very Special Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Senators

Editor's note: As an apology for a small pre-Cap before the Red Wings game due to technical difficulties, we here at CK have spent our entire 2009 budget on a special Super-Bowl-themed pre-Cap. Enjoy.

CK: Welcome to our 2009 pre-Super Bowl Capitals game Pre-Cap! I'll be your host, and we have a special guest joining us today, Mr. John Madden.

Madden: Thanks for having me! You know the last time I went to a hockey game a boxing match broke out! BOOM!

CK: Um yes, very funny, John, we've never heard that one before. Anyway, today's game features the Washington Capitals (31-15-4, first in SE, third in EC) vs. the Ottawa Senators (17-23-7, fifth in NE, 13th in EC).

Madden: Yeah, you got some real tough guys there, and when you have real tough guys you get a real tough game. Those guys are about as tough as tough-actin' Tinactin!

CK: Uhhh, right. The Capitals have just come off an inspiring win over the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Detroit Red Wings, and are now entering a grueling week of hockey. On top of that, today's game is another afternoon game, and the ice quality may be in question. The Georgetown Hoyas had a basketball game after the hockey game on Saturday, and you know how good that is for the ice.

Madden: Oh yeah, well, in football, you want a crappy field because that's where legendary games are made and, if the ice is as crappy as you say it will be, I expect this to be a legendary game.

CK: *facepalm* The Senators, on the other hand, are latest team to fall victim to Columbus' rookie goalie sensation Steve Mason as they were blanked for a 1-0 loss in their last game. The Senators feature high -ctane scorers in Dany Heatley and Jason Spezza, but outside of their first line there isn't much going for them these days. The Senators have only three players in double digits for goals -- Heatley, Spezza and Daniel Alfredsson, which coincidentally, is their first line.

Madden: Yeah, with stats like that they are either going to score or not score.

CK:'re absolutely right, John...(sips whiskey)... Anyway, the Capitals were propelled to victory over the Red Wings by Alex Ovechkin, who now leads the league in goals with 33. On top of that, Jose Theodore had another impressive game, giving up only one even-strength goal. He is over .900% in his last 13 starts and has been making the acrobatic saves he is known for.

Madden: Jose Theodore looks like Jose Theodore.

CK: Yes, it's not like he put a mask on or anything, John. On top of Theodore's play and Ovechkin's goals, the Capitals played a complete game against the Red Wings, something they didn't do when they last played the Senators before the All-Star break. It also seems as if the Capitals' high-scoring habits are returning. The Red Wings game was the first time the Capitals scored more than two goals since their 6-3 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins in the middle of January.

Madden: Well, when your'e talking about a Bruce Boudreau offense you're usually talking about offense, and the team that scores the most points is usually going to win the game.

*Gunshots and loud thumps are heard*

CK: Anyway, here's your traditional pre-Cap videos. In the fashion of being a football analyst, we are calling for the Arizona Cardinals to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers by 10. Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

The Last Meeting...

The Dany Heatley Book, I'm not kidding.
I hear it's required reading for Canadian 3rd graders...

Well that's it for today's Pre-Cap. Sorry about the mishap yesterday!


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