Thursday, January 22, 2009

Red Army, your mission....

This weekend, we will bear witness to yet another conflict between the forces of good and evil.

Ovechkin vs. the text-messaging hordes of Montreal and Pittsburgh.

Saturday, Alex Ovechkin will be given the opportunity to defend his crown as "King of the Trick Shot." Alex Kovalev, Sidney Crosby, Ryan Getzlaf and Patrick Kane are planning regicide, an attempt to remove Ovechkin with inferior tricks.

The NHL, insistent on letting the fans speak their mind, will determine the winner by text-message voting.

We saw the horrible atrocities that were committed when we stood by and didn't vote. The rest of the NHL watched while Pittsburgh and Montreal annexed starting slot after starting slot.

Red Army, your mission is to vote for Alex Ovechkin this weekend during the Breakaway Challenge. To the rest of the NHL that is not represented in the Breakway Challenge, I implore you to join us.

If you are still sour about the whole text-message voting system, just remember...

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

- Edmund Bruke

Rock the red and rock the vote.

Note: The voting is one vote per phone, meaning we won't have to deal with 400,000 votes from the same phone like we did with the lineups.

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