Sunday, January 25, 2009

Breakaway Challenge Aftermath

Here's some quotes you should read concerning Alex Ovechkin's prop-comedy routine at the SuperSkils competition.

"I'm not sure who's going to win, but I'll tell you one thing: Whatever Ovechkin did last year, it's not going to make him win [this year]."- Alex Kovalev before the Breakaway Challenge.

"His routine was like the worst game of Mortal Kombat ever: the same move over and over again, with no finisher." - PuckDaddy on Alex Kovalev's half-assed Breakaway Challenge attempt.

"As for Kovalev's dismissal of Alex's antics by saying that he won a fashion show, not a skills contest, Ovechkin smiled and replied: "Of course! I love fashion!" - Slava Malamund's story from Caps Insider

"Ovechkin's just trying to have a good time, but I can't help but think he's made a mockery of the event." - Erin Brown, CBS

So what did we learn?
Alex Kovalev losing because his legions of fans could only vote once = Delicious Habs tears
Wearing a hat and glasses in a trick shot competition = Mockery of event...
Fans auto-voting a player who isn't deserving of a starting role = Not a mockery of an event...


  1. The event was on the news here, and all the other competions were mentioned and winner showed, but not Ovechkin. Which of course makes sense, since it was the coolest thing happened during the night... Oh wait, it doesn't.

  2. Last year, no one knew what to do until Ovechkin showed them: You've got to do a fantastic trick, not just some fancy stick handling.

    So this year everyone worked on fantastic tricks, and Ovechkin one-upped them: "Why did you spend so much time on tricks, guys? This year, the winner is the one who uses props!"

    Your NBA dunk contest analogy still holds, CK. What does everyone do in the dunk contest now that every conceivable dunk has been done: Use props! All Ovie did was just fast-forward the NHL trick shot competition.


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