Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alzner, Machesney and Helmer back to Hershey

Per Tarik

Karl Alzner, Daren Machesney and Bryan Helmer are headed back to Chocolate-town.

Alzner's return is either:

A) To get some games in during the All-Star break with the Bears. The Bears have a game Wednesday night and then back-to-back games before the AHL's All-Star break this weekend.


B) The signal of the return of Tom Poti. With Poti back in the lineup, the Capitals can no longer afford the services of Karl Alzner unless a trade is made.

Alzner's run has been great, but Caps fans have long been fearing this day. The return of Poti is something fans can cheer about though. He's had plenty of time to rest and now has nearly a week to heal even more. If he is not in the lineup against Boston next week, I'd be very suprised.

Thanks for the games, Karl. Here's to seeing you in Washington sooner rather than later.

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