Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pre-cap: Capitals vs. Bruins

Okay, so the image isn't NHL related, but it is Boston related, so it's fine by me.

Caps buzz is in the air. It's on Pardon the Interruption, it's on Around the Horn, it's all over SportsCenter, and with a victory over Boston it will likely be forgotten until the next time the Capitals play the Penguins. Crazy how that works right?

Anyway, tonight the Capitals play host to the Big Bad Bruins who sit atop the Eastern Conference with 70 points. While the Bruins are not out-of-reach, it's going to take a herculean effort to chase them down, but the silver lining is every point earned pads the Caps lead in the Southeast. So no matter how you feel about the Caps chances of taking the top slot, these are two points that are more than worth winning...not that any two points aren't worth winning.

The Capitals "Red Army" will welcome their heroes home with a sellout crowd this Saturday, and after the Pittsburgh victory, it's likely to be one of the loudest games of the season. With a tough opponent in Boston, it's going to be a brusing good time.

Washington Capitals (28-14-3, first in SE, second in EC, last game 6-3 triumph over Pittsburgh)
Bahston Bruins (33-7-4, first in NE, first in EC, last game 2-1 win over NYI)

Stories to keep an eye on
Some interesting storylines to follow tonight. Will team captain Chris Clark be scratched again? Boudreau may have been sending a message or is it possible a trade in the works with Florida? Ovechkin hates playing against Zdeno Chara, will the lanky defender have his with Ovechkin? The Capitals goaltending has dipped back to "decent/okay" territory, who gets the start and what will they do with it?

Straight out of Slapshot
Just watch...

That's the Boston Bruins record against the Southeast Division. Guess who that "one" is. That's right, the Capitals, who beat the Bruins 3-1 in December.

Text messaging, when will the NHL learn?
Great news! Well not really, but the NHL Breakaway Challenge featuring Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby will be determined by fan voting via text messaging. So basically Pens fans will likely vote Crosby the winner even if his trick shot is falling to a knee and being escorted off the ice with three minutes left to play.

Tim Thomas doesn't take s*** from anyone
Montreal and Boston, an original six rivalry good for heated battles and highlight reel plays. Boston goalie Tim Thomas added this gem to the highlight reel as he mauls Canadiens forward Andrei Kostitsyn. Oh what I would give for a goalie who would do this sort of thing.

Montreal fans do get thier cumupins though, in the form of YouTube embarassment.



  1. The NHL Breakaway Challenge is pretty silly to begin with. The fact that it'll be decided by text messages makes it even worse.

    I'm pretty fired up for this Boston game. I'm gonna do my best to be the loudest person in section 403.

  2. I totally support the kind of performance seen on the last video from Boston goalie tonight but that music and especially the lyrics violate human rights.

  3. @sleza The music you are referring to was nothing more than a melody to me. Can you help me understand your comment?

  4. @ Nation's Capital

    You want me to listen that again?? Don't now why you hate me, but I'm really sorry for what ever I've done... :)

    Anyway, here's the lyrics
    both in Finnish and English. It's not exactly correct translation (the Finnish dialect in question is obviously too awful to be translated) but pretty close. And while reading the lyrics imagine them to be sung with Texas dialect

  5. @ Sleza no I think Nation's Capital can't understand the lyrics, he doesnt hate you :).

  6. @ sleza Maybe I'm too curious for my own good, but your reply inspired more questions than answers. Now you've almost created a sense of intrigue about yourself. Maybe I'll never know about your ideas and values, but you've at least sparked my curiosity.

  7. @ Nation's Capital

    That's good or bad?

    And there's no such thing as "too curious"...
    I just really hate that song. It's like Cotton eye Joe but worse

  8. I get it now... and I would feel the exact same way if I were you.

    Thanks for expanding my world!


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