Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lord Stanley's Chances of Coming to D.C.?

Seven percent, according to the Web site PlayoffStatus.com; that's probably the best they have ever been since 1998.

Hey, if weathermen can predict snow (like they did here in Richmond) and still have jobs when they're wrong, then we can use sites like this to entertain our "what if" questions.

What's even more interesting is the Caps are listed with a 35% chance of reaching the conference and a 17% chance of reaching the finals.

Of course tonight's game pits the Caps against the Bruins, who according to this site have a 17% chance of being the Stanley Cup champs.

At 2-0 on the season against the Bruins, do you really believe that the difference between the Capitals' and Bruins' Stanley Cup dream is a whole 10%?

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