Friday, January 23, 2009

Unleash the Vote

Thank you to The Red Skate, who has joined the campaign to help Ovechkin win the Breakaway Challenge.

Ovechkin put out this thinly veiled call for help on his Twitter account.

"On my way to Montreal - can’t believe the number of people on this. Hope I get this many votes in the skills challenge."

in fact, he's not optimistic...

"How I'd rank the breakaway challenge guys: Kovalev, Kane, Getzlaf, St Louis, me ."

Here's the plan.

We don't want to become a mindless horde of voters who obey Ovechkin like he's Big Brother, so I implore you to vote for the player who impresses you the most.

Enjoy the event over your favorite beverage,
but if Ovechkin does in fact have the sickest moves out there, get on your phone and vote!

1 comment:

  1. Some Canadiens player who isn't even in the competition will probably get more votes. I agree that votes should be cast on merit, though...


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