Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why does the Y take so long?

I've taken to checking the standings page every morning, searching for something.

The San Jose Sharks have it.

The Boston Bruins have it.

The Detroit Red Wings are one letter away.

When, oh when, will the Washington Capitals have it?

I speak, of course, of The Y.

In the parlance of the official standings, Y=Clinched Division. (X, the letter currently next to the Red Wings' name, =Clinched Playoff Spot, almost as good. And don't get me started on Z=Clinched Conference.)

The Caps have had a good season. They're within a whisker of 100 points. They only have seven regular season games to play. And still no Y, which means some Southeast Division team out there could still catch them (it does happen: remember last year when the Caps stole Carolina's Y on the final day?)

I suppose the Caps have a Magic Number, the number of Caps wins and or Hurricanes/Panthers losses that will give us that coveted Y, but I can't calculate it.

Why, oh why, is the Y taking so long?

TillyCapsFan for CK

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  1. it's taking so long because the Caps can't beat crappy teams like the Thrashers


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