Monday, March 23, 2009

Furry Fandom and Hockey Collide...

Furry (also know as Furrydom, Furries, fur dom and fur fandom): An avatar who appears in the form of bipedal fusion of human and animal.

Here at CK, we're fans of the odd, unique and sometimes cringe-inducing items we find concerning the NHL. So when I ran across a drawing of Ovechkin and Crosby as characters from the Lion King, I knew there had to be more.

Google images delivered, and now I present to you: the NHL as seen by fur fans.

I, uh...let's move on
Not a bad salute to Ovechkin, although the stars look like tears...

Happy 100 years!

Bonus points for the Adam West-era Batman WHAP

Battle axe skate blades, and I guess the Red Wing is an eagle?

Not fur-art but just as odd. A personalized Flyers jersey with a tail? Pass or Fail?


  1. God help us all...

  2. Fail for flyers jersey, pass for the number and tail...

    Btw, is Crosby pictured as Nala?

  3. I think Ovechkin is "Scar" the evil one, but if Crosby is "Nala" then that's all sorts of wrong. If this was drawn by a Pens fan, then I'm wondering how he didn't make Crosby "Simba".

    Disturbing nonetheless.

  4. That wolf jersey makes Philadelphia a joke.

  5. The Ovechkin image needs to be redone. It shows Ovie holding his stick -- and we all know that stick is too hot to handle!


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