Thursday, March 5, 2009

I just enlisted in the Red Army!

Did something this morning that I've never done for any other professional sports team -- and I've been passionate about several over the years: Yankees, Dolphins, etc.

I bought Caps season tickets.

In the late 90s, my wife, sons and I started going to games -- a handful each season, almost always in the Eagle's Nest (remember that?), where $10, sometimes $5!, would buy you a surprisingly good view and an unbelievable amount of energy and excitement, win or lose.

Over the years, we started buying the 8-game plan, then this year's 11-game plan.

I called the Caps the best sports value in town and prayed that no one else would find out about them.

Guess what? The secret's out.

Today's purchase was motivated by devotion . . . and a healthy dose of fear -- fear that we couldn't get seats to the playoffs without paying scalpers' prices, fear that we couldn't get our 11-game pick-'em plan again next year.

With sons spread now across two states, this family uses Caps games for "reunions." The thought of missing out on that next season was just too much.

Oh, and the best part: as a season ticket holder, I think Ted has to listen to me now!

TillyCapsFan for CK

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  1. I'm excited, we should check out the seats at our next game. Also, now that we are season ticket holders, we need to get you some hat or sign and you could become a "that guy."


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