Friday, March 20, 2009

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Hurricanes


Washington Capitals (43-23-6, first in SE, third in EC)
Carolina Hurricanes (38-28-7, second in SE, sixth in EC)

Thank you, On Frozen Blog, for uploading that gem. Here's my response.

A team that controlled its own fate concerning the playoffs last year, blaming the Caps for their shortcomings? Highly illogical.

Believe it or not, though, that's the basis of this reborn Caps and Canes rivalry. The Canes, desperate for every point they can get their hands on, are going to be a scrappy, desperate team until the final buzzer sounds in April. Carolina simply can't afford to give up points, even if they are sitting at sixth in the league.

Further adding to the Caps and Canes rivalry is that in their last meeting the Caps swiped a point from under the Canes. After dominating Carolina for two periods, the Canes brought themselves back from the dead and dragged the Caps into a shootout. While some would be satisfied with earning a point, for Carolina, one point could be the difference maker between golf and the playoffs.

Also at stake is Carolina's impressive home winning streak. A victory over the Caps would be the Canes' ninth straight home win and, with six home games left in the season, home ice advantage is sure to be a major factor in the Canes' playoff hopes.

The Caps may be "hot hot hot" coming into tonight's game, but with the possibility of Mike Green sitting this game out, the Caps offense might be "cold cold cold." The last game Mike Green missed? The 5-1 massacre in Atlanta. Mike Green is to the Caps offense as a support wall is to a building. Take Green away and it's possible that the offense will crumble.

Saturday night is also a busy night for the Southeast Division and its playoff hopes. Montreal plays Toronto, a game which could put the Habs on the bubble. The Panthers play Columbus and potential Calder winner Steve Mason, and the Sabres hope to stay alive when they face the Rangers.

With tons of games impacting the playoffs, expect the Canes to be desperate.


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  1. That picture of the Cane holding a trash can is hilarious. CK comes through with comedy and commentary.


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