Monday, March 9, 2009

Caps Fans Get Down With a Drum Line

Caught this as I was entering the Verizon Center Sunday. I've seen these kids before but never got a chance to actually watch them.

A decent-size crowd gathered around as the group banged out some funky drum beats and led a few cheers. It's not quite as extravagant as some of the local D.C. area high school drum lines are, but it's a unique form of entertainment before the game.

The people who were watching were bobbing along with the drums, swaying and clapping to the beats. It seemed like a real hit with the fans who saw it. I'm sure hockey purists and those who want Washington to be a "true hockey town" will protest this sort of thing; but frankly, if Washington is going to be a "hockey town," then I want it to be something we create, not some carbon copy of an existing "hockey town."

My only worry is that these kids have displaced the garbage pail and cement bucket drummers that usually play outside the Verizon Center. Not trying to knock these kids, but those guys playing for dollars on nothing more than trash cans are pretty damn fun to watch and bring a sense of "reality" to the now glitzy Chinatown area.

So, pass or fail on the Drum Line?

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  1. PASS - I agree if Washington is to become a "Hockey Town" then we need to establish our version of it with our own traditions etc. I have caught the drum line show a few times and find it quite entertaining and unique.


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