Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daniel Sedin Celebrates Hockey's Greatest Tradition: Losing Teeth

It's not often that we post about Western Conference teams here at CK, but this is a special exception.

In Tuesday's Canucks vs. Stars matchup, Swedish forward Daniel Sedin took a nasty high stick to the mouth, removing two teeth. After a quick patchup from the team doctors on the bench, Sedin went out with the power play unit and scored by deflecting a shot.

He finished the night with a goal and an assist and was even on the night. The Canucks went on to rout the Stars 5-2.

That's just pure guts right there: to lose some teeth, spit up blood on the bench and not miss a shift -- then stand in front of the net to screen the goalie, with the very real possibility of having the puck smack you in the face.

We may not be fans of the Canucks, but we appreciate guts when we see it.

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  1. Finally a way to know which one is Henrik and which Daniel... Though, probably in the next game Henrik jumps in front of the puck and lose few teeth too...


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