Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To our CK subscribers, Twitter buds, Facebook friends, Google followers and readers:

I'm thrilled to announce that we have purchased the domain name for our future blogging endeavors.

You may need to update your RSS feed (click anywhere on here) and, for passing bloggers, you might want to update your link to our site.

This is just one of many changes that will be coming over the next few weeks -- changes that I hope will not only expand our reach as a blog, but also offer our readers a competitive and unique reading experience.

In June 2008, I started Capitals Kremlin as way to write about my favorite hockey team when I wasn't working on articles for my journalism classes. In September 2008, the blog started covering the Caps on a daily basis, trying to find its own space in the Capitals large, talented and impressive blogosphere.

In January 2009, we found ourselves linked on PuckDaddy, drawing the largest audience we'd ever seen and writing about the team multiple times each day.

Just recently, I decided it was time to take Capitals Kremlin to the next level, and the blog was long overdue for its own .com.

Some of my fellow VCU journalism students are proudest of their clips in the school newspaper. I've had dozens of clips in the past year appearing in the Progress-Index in Petersburg, Va., and the Richmond Times-Dispatch, but of all of those I am most proud of this blog.

I look forward to continuing to bring you my brand of Capitals coverage and am excited about what the future holds for Capitals Kremlin.

I just hope you enjoy reading CK as much as I enjoy writing it.

Let's Go Caps!

-Reed "CK"


  1. Fucking awesome news, man. I hope you don't forget about the Dump and other blogs who have yet to taste the success. The Dump wishes you all the best and will subscribe and link to your future endeavors. You run it the right way and you will only continue to shine. Keep up the great work. See you on the flip side.

  2. Oh trust me, I won't forget about all the other blogs out there. We're not that successful, and I remember what it was like to start out and wonder if anyone reads me. Thanks for the kind words and comments.

  3. Oh I remember when we at BanginPanger first got linked by Puck Daddy, we were so excited, we went out and got hammered. Those were the days, yup, oh November.

  4. Caps Kremlin is one of the most under-appreciated and ignored blogs out there. Lots of great stuff, but when you're in the same sphere as OFB and Japers' Rink, I imagine it's tough to get an audience. At least you haven't posted about missing a game to buy candles.


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