Friday, March 27, 2009

On the road with Capitals Kremlin!

CK is checking out a possible future life in upstate New York after college graduation this spring. So far, he hasn't been spotted by vigilant Sabres fans, thanks to a red cloaking device on loan from Capital Spirit (Thanks, Spirit! One game in civvies won't hurt you.)

TillyCapsFan here to take this sporty little blog out for a spin.

Let's see. What's in the glove compartment? Japer's Rink, Peerless Prognosticator, Capitals Insider, On Frozen Blog. OK, got the essentials. Let's rev things up.

What to do? What to do?

How about stats. Stats are always good. Let's take a look at the Corgi Rating. Ovechkin's Corgi Rating is .000. He doesn't have one and, frankly, I can't see him ever having one. A tall, cool blonde is more his type. Russian, of course. Boudreau, on the other hand, his Corgi Rating is . . .

What's that, JP? Corsi Rating? Oh. Never mind.

OK. What else can a guy do with a blog?

How about gratuitious shoutouts to the team owner? Ted's Take. Ted's Take. Ted's Take. That oughta do it. What? Oh, yeah. SnagFilms.

Hmmm. This is harder than I thought. A new post every day, you say?

Maybe I can pick a fight with somebody; that's a time-honored blog tradition. Let's head on over to The PensBlog. A couple quick pokes and they'll all be down here "punishing" us by buying tickets at inflated prices. Looks pretty busy, though, what with trying to make the playoffs and all. Better not start something I won't be around to finish.

OK. I'm getting desperate. I'm THIS CLOSE to linking off to hot hockey chicks.

Oops. Bet they'll be wondering where all that traffic came from.

Hurry back, CK!

And next time find somebody who knows something about hockey.

TillyCapsFan for CK

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  1. The Corgi rating would be great... :)Like, can't play defense to save your life? No worries, your dog is still very cute


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