Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool's 2009 - Best Images and Videos of 2008-2009

We could have been jerks and tried to trick you by saying oh..."Jose Theodore to wear a Kicking It mask tonight!" or "Capitals Kremlin is announcing a new 'Club Kremline' for women," but that would require lots of work and photoshopping.

So instead we've decided to post some of our favorite sports images, memes, videos and other jokes this year.

So without further delay, some of our favorite images from the CK archives this season. Here's to many, many more.
Our first image, an attempt at adding a phrase to the Capitals lexicon. It failed, but the image is still gloriously goofy. Let's unleash some dragons, Ovie.

The image that put CK on PuckDaddy, exposing us to the masses.

Advice Ovechkin was born from the "Advice Dog" Internet meme; we used this to hype Ovie's breakaway challenge.

Ovechkin is supposedly a dirty player, but that can't be true, at least this picture says he isn't!

The demotivator generator is a beautiful thing.

Steven Stamkos has found his game as of late, but when this originally published the Lightning still hadn't seen him.

Time for some non-CK images and videos.

It's not NHL-related, but the comedy isn't lost on us because it's football. (It's Terrell Owens if you're wondering.)

Why you haff to be mad?

Stay classy, Philly

Turn your sound down, trust me.

Watch your kids grow up with Mario! This commercial is all sorts of creepy.

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