Sunday, March 1, 2009

Greetings from Snowy Richmond

In my five years in the Richmond area, I've only seen one snowfall. So it's a treat to have a few inches to enjoy, and I have a few photos of it to share.

Marshal Street, on the left is my apartment complex.

Broad Street

Another view of Broad Street. On the left is "Ramz Hall" dormitory. If you can remember a few years back, VCU made news when a block of the city caught fire and was burned to the ground. That dormitory and the shops below are what rose from the ashes of that incident.

My dog and CK mascot Rodney.

Enjoy the snow, and here's to wrapping up in a few blankets and enjoying free NHL Network as the trade deadline approaches.

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  1. Cool pics. Any sign of a hockey game breaking out?


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