Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Cherry/Ovechkin War Cools Down

Well if any good can be taken from Saturday night's loss, it's that Don Cherry has seemingly called for a truce between himself and Alexander Ovechkin.

Don Cherry isn't the type of guy to outright apologize for his actions, and he isn't the kind to back down on his word. So this is about the closest Ovechkin will get to an apology from Cherry for his comments weeks ago.

If you don't want to watch the clip, Cherry's comments were basically "it was inappropriate, you're better than this, you're the best player in the world, imagine if someone did it to you."

Can't say the man was out of line this night. Cherry's comments are just echoing what many have said over the past few days, and instead of sticking to his usual xenophobic shtick, Cherry made a good point.

But not everyone loves Grapes so if you want to feel a sense of victory, think about this.

Don Cherry just called a Russian the best player in the world.


  1. Eh, he's still a cranky old man.

  2. The more Alex Ovechkin
    scores, the quieter Cherry becomes..That's all he can do is watch in awe as OVI continues to score.

  3. Don Cherry needs to hurry up and get fired. Of course, then I would have nothing to bitch about on Saturday night...


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