Sunday, December 14, 2008


One of my favorite goal celebration videos is the "Russian Machine" animation.

A comic-book style Ovie slams into the board, turns around and rips open his chest revealing a machine body and his toothless grin. At the Senators game I was treated to the Mike "Hulk" Green comic celebration. Greenie scores and then gets all "Hulk mad," tearing off his shirt, huffing and puffing with an enraged look on his mug.

It's quality stuff.

The animations got me thinking, who else deserves one, or better yet, why not give everyone a neat superhero moniker.

So let's get to work shall we? I'll name a few and if you can think anything better, comment below!

Brooks "Iron-Man" Laich

Alexander "Bullseye" Semin

Tomas "Flash" Fleischmann

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