Friday, December 26, 2008

"The Goal: The Sequel"

Sitting in Section 405 as Ovechkin charged down the ice, I told myself, "It's not gonna happen, he always gets tripped and it never goes in." It seemed as if time slowed down and the play happened in slow motion. Then the puck crossed the line, and the crowd erupted.

Probably the best goal I've ever witnessed in person.

The Capitals are 14-1-1 when Ovie scores. The Capitals home record is 14-1-1.

M-V-P indeed. Now to just chase down Malkin for the points lead.


  1. am I the only one who thinks this AO goal isn't as great as it's being made out to be? I mean, great goal and all, but he's had a handful better imo.

  2. In terms of "beauty" it's a pretty ugly goal. In terms of how clutch it was, it's pretty incredible.
    It was the GWG, with a Capitals team fielding a defensive squad that was playing for the Hershey Bears in October.
    I think the goal has reached a semi-"legendary" status because #1 it was scored at home (unlike the original "the goal", and #2 it was the GWG.
    Maybe not the "best goal ever," but probably his best this year.


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