Friday, December 5, 2008

The Goal: Largest Capitals-related blogroll

With classes ending and my free time going from "just enough to post game-day blogs" to "tons of time to play NHL 09 and do game-day blogs," I've decided the time has come for the next addition/evolution in Capitals Kremlin.

As the title says, I wish to create the largest blogroll available for Capitals fans. I know that Japers Rink and On Frozen Blog have such lists already, but I imagine there are many blogs who are not on those lists, or perhaps have just started up.

I believe that the Capitals have one of the largest and best blogospheres in sports, and I think an excellent resource would be to have a list of all of those blogs -- new, old, famous or unknown -- readily availible to any fan who wishes to see them.

If you have a Capitals blog, please leave a comment with your URL so I can begin adding everyone to the list.

The project begins next week when my last final is completed. Until then, post your links!


  1. Your blog was added to my site a few weeks ago... here is mine

    "Simply Sensational!"

  2. Lemme get in on this too!

  3. Thanks for creating a list.

    Love the Game, Don't Like Puck Bunnies


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