Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caps vs. NHL Eastern Conference All Stars

It's been a strange season so far.

Case in point: The Caps are undefeated when their Web editor suits up as a goalie.

Further proof: One Caps roster move this season involved picking up a player who was standing with his gear in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere; another, yesterday's, involved getting a player off an AHL team bus somewhere in Texas.

And now the strangeness continues:

Tonight, the Caps play the NHL Eastern Conference All Stars in a regular season game in Montreal.

That's right. The Boys in Red face starting (unless we do something about it: Rock the Vote!) Eastern Conference All Star goalie Carey Price of Montreal; starting Eastern Conference All Star defensemen Andrei Markov and Mike Komisarek, both of Montreal; and Montreal forwards Alexei Kovalev, Saku Koivu and Alex Tanguay, who hold positions three, four and five in All Star voting for forward.

Seems a bit unfair, doesn't it? And us stuck with only Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin, Nicklas Backstrom and Mike Green.

Think the Caps might want to cast an All Star vote of their own on Hockey Night in Canada tonight?

TillyCapsFan for CK

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  1. How can the Caps ever hope to compete against all those "All Stars"?


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