Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ovechkin is greedy?

Per US News writer John Farrell

"There was less than a minute left in the game against Toronto when one of the other Washington Capitals found Alex Ovechkin, unguarded, with nothing but ice between him and an empty net.

Another score would be gravy. The Caps led 3 to 1, on two goals by Brooks Laich, and a nifty shot by Ovechkin at the close of the second period. Now, as the Capitals superstar turned toward the Toronto net, he could see Laich streaking down the other side of the rink, ready for the feed that would give him a hat trick.

Instead of passing, Ovechkin took the easy goal himself. He said after the game that he saw a blue Toronto jersey closing on Laich. If so, he has remarkable peripheral vision."

Being a superstar has its prerogatives, as well as its demands. The real greats in sports are selfish, driven, greedy. They want to score, and they know they are paid for spectacular performance. And the Laiches of the sporting world recognize that the Ovechkins are the meal tickets—that the fans paying exorbitant ticket prices do so to see Ovi perform."

Would I have loved to see Brooks get a hat-trick? Yes. Would I want Ovie to make a cross ice pass through a defenseman to do it? No. Ovechkin made the smart play and when you have an empty net, the smart play is better than the flashy play.

Here's some proof that when it comes to the empty net goal, you probably shouldn't screw around.

Ovie made the smart play and the "Laiches" of the world would agree.


  1. Possible explanations for these comments:

    - The Dude is on crack.
    - The guy doesn't understand at all how good a player Thomas Kabrele is, probably doesn't even know who he is.
    - The dude grew up playing baseball not hockey and is currently on crack.
    - The guy didn't see the last empty net scoring chance Ovie had when he passed it to Backstrom who had a better shot.
    - The dude is on crack.

  2. Did you mention he was on crack? I'm not sure but I have a feeling that's what it is. Great comment :)


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