Monday, December 29, 2008

Pre-Cap: Capitals vs. Buffalo

This is what Jesus wears on game nights in heaven.

All joking aside, how great would it be if someone showed up in a Red Jesus sweater. Hey, it's not like someone hasn't already shown up in a Brett Leonhardt sweater.

Tonight, the Capitals face the Buffalo Sabres, who are probably still a little sour about the last meeting between these two.

While the game was never out of reach for the Sabres, the slugs never controlled play. When it looked as if they might begin to take control, Alex Ovechkin went "super sonic" and unleashed a fury of his own.

Red Jesus and his acolytes are back on the road for a quick stop in Buffalo, hoping to steal a win in a building that hasn't given them many.

Washington Capitals (23-11-3, 1st in SE, 2nd in EC, last game 4-1 win over Toronto)
Buffalo Sabres (17-14-5, 3rd in NE, 8th in EC, last game 4-3 SO win over NYI)

The story so far...
I think it's about time people stopped the "Washington Ovechkins" joke. It was true in 2005, but not anymore. While Ovechkin is the cornerstone of the Capitals offense and the face of the team, he isn't the only one contributing on offense. With Brooks Laich's two-goal game against the Maple Leafs, the Capitals now have five 10-goal scorers this season. Mike Green sits at eight goals, and Viktor Kozlov at nine. By the end of the first week in the new year, the Capitals will likely have seven 10-goal scorers. You know who else has five 10-goal scorers this year? The San Jose Sharks. I heard they are kinda good, just first-place good. So what was that you were saying about the "Washington Ovechkins?"

Key players
WSH: Jose Theodore
It has to be Theo tonight. He's playing some great hockey, he's not letting in the softies and, best of all, he's been a big part of the Capitals' recent success. That's what we wanted when we signed him, and that's what the Capitals are getting now. Theo's controlling his rebounds, and I can't recall the last time we saw him bobble the puck like a hot potato. Theo is the key guy tonight. If the Capitals can get solid goaltending on the road, they will become a powerhouse. It's as simple as that.
BUF: Ryan Miller
We already are watching one goalie, why not another? Miller has been the backbone of this Sabres team this season. Sporting a 15-9-4 record with a 2.62 GAA, if Miller's game is on, then the same can probably be said of the Sabres as a team. Miller posted a shutout against the Capitals when they met on Nov. 1 and watched from the bench in last Friday's loss.

Running em' down
With his two-goal game against Toronto, Alex Ovechkin is now one goal away from leading the NHL in goals. Jeff Carter has 26 while Ovechkin and Buffalo's Thomas Vanek have 25.

Speaking of goals...
Alex Ovechkin is now tied for sixth in the goals-scored department for the Capitals all-time goal-scoring leaders. Ovechkin has 188, which is tied with Bobby Carpenter.

Ryan Miller is good in the net, but he's also pretty good in a fight club...a yo momma fight club.

Brooks Laich's future wife "Must Love Dogs"
I don't know how I've missed this video, being a big Brooks Laich fan, but here is the Brooks Laich edition of "Cribs." Not only do you see his house, but you get to see the recording space for his band, Baby Blue Sound Crew, featuring Mike Green.



  1. Best. Caps. Crib. Ever. Ladies man keeps a bouquet of flowers in his refrig. Greenie plants embarrassing items in Laich's apartment ("Hockey for Dummies," etc.). Check it out!

  2. I hate everything that has anything to do with householding but that pile of dirty clothes made me cry... So did the lack of stylish decor

  3. If the Capitals season were a movie, Owen Wilson would be the perfect choice to play Brooks Laich.


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