Sunday, December 21, 2008

Come in off the ledge...

For those who are discouraged after the Flyers' 7-1 trouncing of the Capitals, I beg you, come in off the ledge.

Capitals fans are world famous for "knee-jerk" reactions and negativity. A visit to the Capitals message board could generate enough rain to ruin any parade.

While fans might be arguing with each other over who is to blame, which goalie should be waived or what Hershey call-up isn't doing his part, here's a stat to think about.

The Capitals have allowed 102 goals so far this season. That's 20th in the league for goals allowed per game, 2.94. The league leader, Boston, is at 2.21 goals allowed per game. The best team in the league, the San Jose Sharks, allows 2.42 goals a game, and the defending Stanley Cup Champs (3rd overall in the NHL) allow 3.03 goals a game.

Now factor in that all of the Capitals blowouts have occurred on the road.
@ATL - 7
@BUF - 5
@SJS - 7
@NJ - 5
@PHI - 7
30% (31) of the goals allowed were scored in blowouts on the road.

So while it may be easy to get down on the team after a humiliating loss to a rival, keep in mind, aside from five horrific games, the Capitals have been a good team defensively.

The problem isn't with who's in net, who's called up or who's being "too cute." It's that the team as a whole just isn't performing on the road.

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  1. Atlanta - 13th, not particularly good team
    Buffalo - 9th, read above, might find themselves in the playoffs
    San Jose - 1st, pretty good team. Kinda...
    New Jersey - 6th, won't win anything
    Philadelphia - 4th, they suck no matter what

    Seems to me that most of the blowouts have come against teams that are supposed to suck/not play as good as Capitals


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