Sunday, February 22, 2009

Varlamov talks about fighting

Assist to TuvanHillbilly for translating a SovSport interview with Simeon Varlamov for all of us in the blogosphere to enjoy...

Simeon Varlamov will beat you with his bear-fists.

We also noticed that there are a lot of fights in the AHL.

“Russian fans are not used to this. Here, they make a show out of the fights. Every team has a tough guy, and he follows a code and only fights with other tough guys and not with ordinary players.

I don’t think that this tradition needs to be abolished. I know that some American fans come to the games just to see their favorite fighter. Here in Hershey we generally have two tough guys on the team.

They told me that last year at Hershey they had a five-on-five brawl. And the goalkeepers didn’t stand by the sidelines doing nothing. If I get thrown into a situation like that, then I’ll have to uphold the tradition. What -- I should just let them beat me up? I’d drop the hammer on a goalie if he started it first. Let him find out how Russian guys fight, laughs Varlamov."

Well, Simeon, we already know how a certain Russian on the Capitals fights, so unless you're going to be as effective as Ivan Drago, maybe you need some lessons...

Hey, just trying to save you from an embarrassing YouTube bongo solo.

That's a new view on the Semin fight I haven't seen yet, and personally, I think it captures the bongo moves better than the CSN video does.

Anyway, Simeon think about that fight...and then think about contacting these people.

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