Sunday, February 22, 2009

Capitals Captions: Penguins Edition

"I'm telling!"

Have at it, folks...


  1. I love..LOVE ...LOVE Crosby as the yippy, annoying dog image. It is dead nuts on target, Crosby was an annoying inconsequential little "B" today. The only way he could have been a more embarrassing jerk would have been to punch someone below the belt. Boy am I glad he's never done that else the NHL might need a new poster boy. Oh wait he did do that...and the hit from behind on Ovie today as he left the ice...of course Ovie's "talk to the hand" and "bye, bye, little boy wave" was perfect too. Best thing is the Pens will never win with him as their leader and "I'm down wit' dat" How about you?

  2. Crosby is a crybaby and a loser.


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