Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ted, I feel for you

If you haven't checked out this gem of a post on Ted's Take, please do.

Here's some "advice" Ted received from a fan:
“We are in a playoff race now with Florida and what do you guys do? Bring family members on a road trip? You are running a circus. This is serious business Ted. You are too nice of a guy. These guys need to be focused and determined and you really don’t know how to run a championship caliber operation.”

In response to what some of these idiots fans are saying.

Believe it or not, but Mike Green and Alex Oveckin are not trained seals for your enjoyment, but rather professional hockey players with families and lives outside of the rink. It's nice to see the Caps bring the fathers in to cheer them on. If anything, the presence of the fathers was not counter-productive but inspiring.

I'm sure Ted already knows, but the Caps are an elite organization and their commitment to winning and family values is just one of the reasons to love this team.

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  1. I believe people do their jobs better if they're happy and really want to and enjoy work for the team and feel like they're treaded like humans not like some machine who should just work and sleep. Therefor it's wise from the team to do things like the father's day


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