Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts on steroids and Alex Ovechkin

With all of the A-Roid talk going on, PuckDaddy has offered up this question:

"If you discovered your favorite NHL player had used steroids, how would you react? If it came out that a large percentage of the top 25 players in hockey for the last decade had been juicing, how would you react?"

If word came out that Alex Ovechkin was juicing during his MVP season in 2007-2008, I'd want his name removed from the Hart Trophy and replaced with the next highest vote-getter. Suspend him, strip his accolades, and make an example of him.

On the question about a widespread steroid scandal, I'd like to think that Gary Bettman and the NHL would be quick in making an example of any user who mislead his fans, his team and his community while earning a record or championship.

Something MLB did not do early enough was send a strong, clear message about what would happen if you used steroids. Maybe it was because the MLBPA is one of the strongest unions in sports, or maybe it's because MLB thought it could brush the situation under the carpet, hoping nobody would notice. But now MLB shares the shame with Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro and those who have been caught.

I just hope we never have to see Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Patrick Kane in front of Congress testifying over steroid use.

So, how would you react to steroid use by any Capitals player?


  1. its not even relevant. steroids is not and never was a part of the culture of hockey. it would never make sense for a hockey player to juice, it was have negative affects on their game and their bodies. hockey is not baseball.

    baseball has steroids, the nba has wife beaters, the nfl has michael vick and pacman jones. the nhl is really the only clean sports league in this country. fingers crossed.

  2. the NHL has Sean Avery. Could you believe out of that list of characters you listed I'd prefer Mr. Avery over ANY of them?

  3. So once again we are on the "bash Avery boat" eh guys? Let's recall the last time he was suspended basically for trash talking through the media and using the term "sloppy seconds" there I said it. Somehow that makes me a mysonginist in some folks eyes - sorry I don't get it and I think the whole last thing was/is just BS. Personally, as a guy who's been pretty much a "guy's guy" for my full 49 years of existence I have bigger issues with guys who a) punch other guys in the stones (Crosby) and/or b) "pull Mike tyson acts" and bite guys ears (Jarkko Ruutu). - Where were the suspensions and "anger management" classes for those guys?

  4. I'm not jumping on the Avery hate boat, I just find it funny that in a list of names that consists of a steroid user, a dog fighter and various wife beaters, Avery stands out as the model citizen among them.

  5. The guy from Marks Musings hit it on the head.

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