Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gang Green that you won't mind having...

Hey kids!

Do you love Mike Green? Do you want to "represent" with some "threads" of your own?

Then you'll love the Gang Green T-shirt!

The Facebook Group "Gang Green - Official Mike Green Fan Club" and the Caps Road Crew have teamed up to sell a shirt for the offensive-defenseman lover in us all. You can buy one here.

It also sounds like there is a sale on the shirts; check it out if you're dying to have one.

"So Sherri from the caps road crew made shirts for us. there is a sale until FRIDAY FEBRUARY 27th!!! Follow the details below:

The site we use to produce our tees has extended their sale through Friday of this week, February 27th. Remember to use the discount code 3PFBDAY for 30% off purchases over $25 when checking out at the CRC store available via our home page.
Many fans took advantage of the opportunity to score some gear last week and we're thrilled that our vendor has extended the sale for an additional week."

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