Wednesday, February 18, 2009

THE GOAL 2: This time at home!

Simply amazing and, to make it even better, he did it in front of the home crowd. It's pretty mind-blowing: He passes into the boards, spins 180, receives his own pass and then storms to the net like a freight train. As he hits the ice, Price puts the pads together, but he is too late. Ovie celebrates as he slides past the net on his rear, blowing kisses while the crowd roars "M.V.P."

But we probably shouldn't be impressed by his "fall down and score" antics anymore. I mean, he already scored that way this season against Buffalo.

You know, I'll never get tired of watching those, or the original. For good measure, here's The Goal 1.

I wonder if in 20 years Alex Ovechkin's "Top 10 Goals" will be a compilation of him falling down in various ways and places on the ice and managing to score despite the improbable odds of the puck actually going in.

M.V.P. indeed.

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