Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hockey: A Weight Watchers workout

We all know the benefits of team sports for your body, but I found it interesting that the Weight Watchers program has suggested playing ice hockey as one of the best workouts for someone who is seeking to lose weight.

Here's a few excerpts from the article.

"If you think ice hockey isn’t for bigger guys, think again. Former Olympic gold medalist, coach and current skating teacher Alana Blahoski works with clients at all fitness stages. “Two years ago I had a guy come to me at 350 pounds,” she says. “He dropped 130 pounds through training and dieting and now he’s playing in a high-tempo ice hockey league."

And for those on the Weight Watchers program, here's a "point" value you might like to take advantage of.

"During play, practically your entire body gets a workout. Your leg muscles are used thoroughly, but your upper body gets utilized as well — when you skate, you’re driving with your arms, chest and shoulders. “You’re even strengthening those little stabilizer muscles that we use for balance,” Blahoski adds, “like the ones in your ankles, which we constantly use to turn and stop.” At this level of intense muscle usage, 30 minutes of ice hockey earns a 200-pound person 5 Activity POINTS values."

Who said losing weight was all about starvation and treadmills?


  1. Only for people who are smart enough not to fall down and fracture something

  2. I've done Weight Watchers - 5 points for half an hour of ice hockey is a LOT the way the system works. That's considered heavy exercise.


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