Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Alex Ovechkin has no class"

According to Penguins post-game show host Bob Grove, Alex Ovechkin is a classless player.

He's absolutely right...

Alex Ovechkin could never...

be as classy as Sidney...

Sorry, Bob Grove, but all I hear is wah-wah-wah. Sounds like someone you know, right?


UPDATE: Let's see who starts "the argument" between Ovie and Crosby...

So who was classless? Or are Pens fans just trying to justify a loss when they desperately need every point they can get? Keep passing the Kool-Aid, guys...


  1. Let's hope the rangers hold on and the Penguin Scum miss the playoffs.

  2. Did you see the post on Pensblog also? Ridiculous.

  3. @CapsFan, I like the PensBlog, it's a funny and interesting site to visit, but I think that post was more frustration than anything else. He openly says "we didn't need these points anyway" which is Pittsburgian for "I'm furious."

    I'll still read them and enjoy their rips on the Caps and the rest of the NHL, but I'm sure more than a few Caps fans will take what's said there without a grain of salt and get angry.

  4. It's things like this that make me glad we, as Caps fans, have Joe B and Craig Laughlin as the hometown announcers. Calling a players classless like that (especially with no justification) is unprofessional.

    As for the's meant to be humorous, and it is. Unfortunately, I think there are a lot of people who don't get it and it attracts a certain type of fan base that I like to pretend doesn't exist.

  5. Joe B and Craig will be "homers" but they won't call out other players and try to smear their name.

    DMG's right on the money about the Pensblog though. It's not Japers Rink or OFB, it's a brand of humor/fanboyism at it's finest. If you feel like creating an account to tell them how wrong they are, then you're feeding into the joke.

  6. First, you've won three this season, and as much as I hate to say this being a Flyers fan, the truth is the Penguins have OWNED you in all of modern history, specifically throughout the 90's and early 2000's in the postseason and more recently in winning (and I'm estimating but fairly accurate) 13 or 18 of the last head-to-head matchups? The percentage may even be higher. So, with respect to your "wah-wah" comment, Penguins announcers have nothing to cry about. History tends to repeat itself; the Penguins will come back from a 2-0 series hole in the playoffs (or multiple 1 game holes) and win the series. The Capitals choke as a franchise in critical playoff games. And, frankly, the Penguins of late have been a better team, even with the there game head-to-head skid.

    Secondly, Alex is classless. He never acts like he's been there before. All players have moments; he whoo's and hollers like an overzealous school boy who finally got a goal in gym class, and you'd swear he's never seen a lamp light turn on before. He is classless.

    Sid can be classless. Alex just is. Period.

  7. And by series, I mean the series that occurs when the Pens and caps match up 3/6 or what I expect- 2/7

  8. Oh, AND...
    Moron, you're videos are showcasing fights. They weren't referring to fights. They were referring to Ovie's lack of grace following success, and I've seen Ovie take a few cheap shots myself. The Pens owned you folks for the last three years and I listened to the post-game and saw their class...I'll repeat, class... with success. Ovechkin displays none of these professional behaviors.

    If you're going to compare apples, stop showing oranges. And, it doesn't matter who started the fight so much as what catalyzed it.

    Who is it again that's being far too subjective? You.

  9. Pens fans are fairweatherMarch 29, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    Notice how the pens fan who is attacking only posts after his team finally wins a game this season, thus validating CK's point.


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